Of Leadership and Political Strategy: Hon Joseph Ole Lenku Scores a First by Selecting a Darling Youthful Aspirant Deputy Governor.

By Philip K. Olesitau, 13th April 2017.

By choosing the youthful Martin Moshisho Martine as Deputy Governor, Hon Joseph Ole Lenku is being very strategic and seeking to score many points at once; balancing the age-set jostling, pacifying the clan ogre, scoring on the sub county chess, noting minimum experience requirements and maximizing on leadership potential.
He himself coming from the age-set at top leadership now will score big by incorporating an immediately recognizable youthful leader as deputy governor and capture the desire and imagination of the majority voters (65%) who are the youth.
By selecting someone from a different sub county and different clan than his own, Ole Lenku actually seeks to kill the clanism ogre, not feed it. In this way, he scores twice by pacifying the all time high sense of the need for inclusion by different clans as well as by administrative areas. This leaves one wondering what other surprises he has up his sleeve on the structure of his full shadow government.
On experience and leadership potential, he is seeking to maximize on both. He seeks to push through with the perception that he only possesses bare minimum for both himself and the deputy, which, given the current political scenario is sufficient given his balancing act on the previous factors. He knows that when push comes to shove, non of the current governors can claim to have had adequate governance experience to lead and manage a county when they started. The fact is Leadership and management anywhere pulls previous resident knowledge and experiences to better lead and manage the current tasks. Further ensuring a balanced cabinet with wide experience and top skills is a winner.
What however detractors are sharply pointing out is that given that they are new faces on the race, neither Hon Lenku nor Moshisho has shared their manifestos to the electorate for detailed assessment of their development plans. What their opponents are not saying however is that none of the aspirants have shared their documented blue prints for obvious reasons.  This is not to say that this is not needed. Indeed, in most developed democracies, it is the most critical and ultimate decision making tool for the electorate. We should therefore all pressure the aspirants from across the political divide not only to share their manifestos but to also live by them to the very end.
Is Mr Moshisho worth his salt?  Martin is not emerging from the blues.  He has proven himself a darling of both University student politics as well as a community wide network leadership.  Martin is a former President of Mt. Kenya University Students Association and former immediate Leadership and Governance pillar leader of the nation wide Eng'ape Association. 
Before his consideration by Hon Lenku, Moshisho had already thrown himself in the Member of County Assembly (MCA) ring, meaning that he is confident that he has a substantive following of his own. The idea that he is dirtying his hands in the mud or he is being misused by Ole Lenku does not therefore arise. He is a first bet among equals and has great leadership potential going forward.
Either way you look at it, the Moshisho card for Deputy Governor is bound to shift Kajiado County perceptions and alliances in significant ways.


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