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Key Considerations for Strengthening HRH Systems In Africa

Between May and October 2016, I had opportunity to lead a consulting assignment team that dived into the current situation of the Human Resources for Health (HRH) management and development in three Kenyan counties including: Garissa, Turkana and Nairobi. The assignment was commissioned by UNICEF in partnership with the various county governments' health departments. The comprehensive assignment included baseline assessments of the HRH situation in each county, disseminating the baseline assessment reports to stakeholders, collation and incorporation of stakeholders inputs, drafting the HRH strategic plans based on the findings and recommendations of the approved assessment reports, sharing the draft plans in stakeholders validation workshops and capturing and incorporating stakeholders valuable inputs before writing, sharing the final HRH SPs. The assignment was both challenging and rewarding as well as presented many important learning points for the county health departments, es…

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